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Leather Wallets for Women

Wallets for women play slightly different role as for men. For men, at least for the majority of them, wallets are to keep cash, bank cards and some of the most important discount cards like for gas stations and perhaps a gym membership card. For women, however, wallets are for cash, for every single card they have ever received, for some bandages, family photos, car keys and some other items of extreme importance.

Leather Wallets For Women From Genuine Italian Leather

Our women’s leather wallets are good for many reasons. To name a few, it’d be great design and great prices. However, the one thing we are the most proud of is the quality of our wallets. That could not be achieved without the expertise of Italian leather craftsmen that have been in business for as long as humanity exists. While skill and technology improved, their traditions remained as strong as ever.

We used full grain Italian leather in the manufacture of our wallets. If you know anything about leather, you would know that it’s as good as it gets. If not (you could read our blog for a lot of insightful information), then now you know that it’s as good as it gets. Of course, such material does raise the price slightly, especially when you compare to some knock offs. However, you can also rest assured that our wallets would outlast any and every of those knock offs.

Vegetable Tanning To Maintain Natural Look

To manufacture any leather product, some sort of processing of the leather is absolutely necessary. We chose the vegetable tanning method, which is more natural and safe. This method also permits us to maintain the natural look of the leather while adding some level of authenticity to every leather wallet here. After all, in today’s world of consumerism, when everybody has everything, it would be nice to be able to distinguish yourself in any way possible. So why not by purchasing a unique leather wallet?

Hope you enjoy our collection! If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, please shoot us a message.

Ryan D.
I highly recommend everyone Baltic Domini bags, because their products are top quality. Expect these leather wallets for women to be much more beautiful from what you see in the pictures.
Ryan D.
Sarah C.
I absolutely love it. Do not be fooled by the pictures as these leather wallets for women are much more beautiful in real life.
Sarah C.

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