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Handmade Ceramic Pendants

We believe that our amazing handmade ceramic pendants will highly enhance your uniqueness and individuality.

Handmade Ceramic Pendants For Sale

Every single pendant is carefully and diligently molded from two parts into a perfect marble or a beautiful bird. The inside is empty to make a bird or a bubble just a bit lighter and thus make your wearing experience that much greater. After the first combustion, the pendants are decorated by various artistic painting techniques chosen according to a current mood of an artist. Also, various cutting and layering techniques are applied to achieve such beautiful and elegant jewelry pieces at this stage. Then, the bubbles and birds are tossed into the furnace for the second combustion after which each and every painting is highlighted with precious metals for the final touch. Some of ceramic bubbles and birds are even gilded with a tiny bit of real gold. No paint can replicate the true and real color of gold. The whole process is absolutely amazing. The high-temperature furnace creates picturesque and powerful images. Some say it’s because of firewood used to fire the furnace. It seems like whatever is natural, real, organic and down to earth is the most beautiful, charming and lovable.

Our handmade ceramic pendants come in a few different types. Our staple pendants are bubbles. They come in three different sizes. The smallest bubbles are paired with a pearl to add extra flavor for those seeking more elegance. As you browse through our category, you will see that the colors chosen are truly unique and hardly found anywhere else. It’s like they are from a different world. Anyone who sees you wearing one will notice and will love it. Although our bubbles are our fingerprints, the beautiful bird pendants deserve just as much loving. They go through the same diligent and labor-intense process to become what they are – beautiful, colorful and charming piece of you. They come in two different types: on a metal hoop or a leather string. Some of the birds are paired with a beautiful tiny colored glass ball, while others are coupled with a beautiful pearl. Depending on what you like, we have you covered. The last, but not least, we have beautiful five piece pendants that include a few bubbles of different sizes, a bird, a pearl and a leather whip-like component to add uniqueness and exclusivity.

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