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Handmade Ceramic Necklaces

Welcome to our handmade ceramic necklaces collection!

It is hard to keep your uniqueness and individuality in this mass produced world. However, we believe that truly artistic creators can make a huge difference. They can actually change the world. Therefore, we present this beautiful necklace collection just for you. It contains only pure and superb handmade ceramic necklaces.

Handmade Ceramic Necklaces For Sale

The bubbles and birds are molded into perfect shapes by hands before they are thrown into wood-driven furnace for the first combustion. Then the bubbles and birds are decorated by various painting, cutting and layering techniques to make them truly distinguishable and different from anything you see elsewhere. The variety of colors, styles and designs of the bubbles are what makes our handmade ceramic necklaces truly authentic and exclusive. For example, a blue color is never just blue, but rather a combination of several bluish shades that makes each blue bubble unique and the only one of its kind. After the decoration process is complete, the bubbles and birds are tossed into the furnace for the second combustion. The second firing makes the bubbles and birds to achieve their final shape and hardness while keeping their own unique colors, styles and paintings. Each painting is then highlighted, with some bubbles and birds being gilded. There is no replacement for true gold colors. The most beautiful part of the process are the images created by high-temperature furnace. There is nothing like standing next to 1,300 degrees Celsius driven by natural firewood and watching the bubbles and birds settle in their final forms. The real, natural and handmade will always beat the fake, artificial and industrially made – always.

Our handmade ceramic necklaces collection contains three different types of necklaces: full sixteen bubbles, six bubbles and six bubbles with bird. They all are exquisite, but at the same time down to earth. Full sixteen bubbles are suitable for anyone who is relaxed, confident and love to stand out. They are meant to be the main piece of jewelry on you that will be catching everybody’s attention. Six bubbles and six bubbles with bird necklaces will perfectly fit anyone that is creative and love to look elegant and distinguishable at the same time. They are not as majestic as full sixteen bubbles necklaces, but are absolutely lovely and splendid.

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