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Handmade Ceramic Earrings

Welcome to our handmade ceramic earrings collection at Baltic Domini

Ceramic earrings have become inseparable piece of jewelry among women in today’s world. Some people believe that earrings you wear can say a lot about your personality.

Handmade Ceramic Earrings For Sale

In our beautiful handmade ceramic earrings collection, you will find truly unique, authentic and handmade products. They are colorful, beautiful and distinguishable. Every single earring is diligently shaped by hands and tossed into extreme-temperature furnace. After the first combustion, they are decorated by diversified painting techniques depending on the artists’ state of mind. The earrings are then tossed right back into the firewood-driven high-temperature furnace where they achieve its final shape and firmness. The paintings are then highlighted, including the use of tiny bit of real gold. Gold’s color is truly unique and hard to replicate with any paints. The firing process is simply astonishing. The images created by high-temperature furnace, which reaches 1,300 degrees Celsius, are extremely powerful and energizing. The firewood used to fuel the fire plays the key part in it. Everything that is natural, organic and down to earth is the most exquisite, lovely and magnificent.

Our handmade ceramic earrings come in a few different types. The birds are our staple ones. They are absolutely gorgeous coupled with either glass balls or pearls. Large variety of different colors will ensure that you can match them to your favorite apparel or an accessory and look absolutely marvelous. If you are creative and colorful person, who enjoys the little things and is in love with nature, then these bird earrings are an absolutely essential addition to your collection! The largest variety, however, is among our stud earrings. They come in four different shapes: crowns, shells, circles and squares. There is nothing simple about them however, as they go through the same persistent and careful process. Although small, the colorfulness and uniqueness will catch anyone’s eye. In general, as mentioned above, stud earrings are for simple girls who may not enjoy the center of attention too much, but they will catch an eye of a person you are talking to instantly.

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