Piercing your cartilage alone can be an intimidating thing to do. Perhaps even a bit scary. Therefore, our collection is full of proven and trusted piercings. We hand pick each item that would keep the risk of injury to the very minimum. However, we tend not to sacrifice the looks. We understand that in the field of fashion the beauty has its sacrifices. In addition, we are well aware of allergies and sensitivities. Due to relatively high hygiene standards, people tend to develop allergies to various metals. That becomes extremely relevant to people with the pierced body parts. Both piercing types are included, regular and cartilage. Therefore, in order to combat sensitivities and allergies, we offer cartilage piercings produced mainly from surgical steel. That allows us to offer you the hypoallergenic piercings at the best possible prices. Without further ado, dive right into our collection and find the best piercings for YOU!

Hypoallergenic Cartilage Piercings

Producers of medical tools use surgical steel to minimize all possible risks during the surgeries. As the result, we believe that the same rule can be applied to cartilage piercings.

Piercing your cartilage is a surgery in some sense. Therefore, we want to reduce the irritation as much as possible. Of course, there are other metals that can be as gentle to your skin. Those include titanium, platinum, high karat gold and silver. However, the major problem that these metals bring is the inflation of the final price. Using any of the mentioned expensive metals makes the piercings expensive as well And that brings us to our main mission: offer high quality products at affordable and reasonable prices.

We also understand how hard it can be to choose the perfect cartilage piercings. Especially for those people who are new to the cartilage game. They tend to not know what they want. Also, taking the fact into account that there are literally millions of products out there on the Internet, it becomes even harder. Therefore, we are here to facilitate the choosing process. We hand pick the products we offer. They have been tested and used, and therefore are recommended by us. It is so much easier to choose from 20-30 products than from 200-300. Especially knowing that 95% of them are fluff.

Even if you are experienced wearer of the cartilage type of piercings, it can be overwhelming to choose one from the limitless options out there. Therefore, you can enjoy and benefit from our collection just as much as the rookies. Our collection of cartilage piercings includes cartilage ear piercings and nose piercings. In addition, we offer eyebrow piercings, tongue piercings and belly button piercings. We well understand that the latter three are not cartilage piercings, as there are no cartilages in those areas. However, they are just as much piercings as they pierce the body. As the result, they can be categorized together for the convenience of our dearest customers.

In addition to affordable material and best options, we perfectly understand that both genders wear cartilage piercings. Therefore, we try our best to choose unisex products. We do not want to differentiate among genders. As the result, both men and women can easily browse through our website. It’s good to look at products and not have to worry whether it’s for men or women.