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Handmade Ceramic Brooches

Welcome to our collection of handmade ceramic brooches designed and manufactured by various Baltic artists and jewelers!

You never hear much about brooches, do you? Certainly not about handmade ceramic brooches. It’s one of those jewelry pieces that never gets much hype and attention.

Handmade Ceramic Brooches For Sale

There are multiple occasions that a beautiful brooch can accompany you in, starting with dates and family reunions and finishing with work and business trips. There are also multiple spots you can attach it to depending on yours outwear and intentions. To get more cool and interesting information you can check out “What Is Brooch?” in our blog and get yourself familiar with this usually tiny, but an eye catching and tasteful piece of jewelry.

Our handmade ceramic brooches are truly exclusive and authentic. They are handcrafted and fired in 1,300 degrees’ Celsius furnace multiple times to extract unique colors and patterns. After the first firing, each brooch is separately painted and decorated to ensure absolute uniqueness and individuality. During the first stage multiple various painting techniques are used by the artists to obtain exclusively unique colors. Then, the brooches are tossed into the furnace for the second firing which gives them the firmness and the final shape. Decorations are highlighted and some of the handmade ceramic brooches are gilded with a bit of gold. Having gone through such a manufacturing process full of energy, love and personal touch, our unique brooches will fill you with positivism and energy. The collection contains two main forms: crown and shell. Our artists seek for inspiration from the Baltic Sea, which is a great source of energy for the restoration of body, mind and spirit. Only clean and energetic spirit can come up with so many different colors and patterns for our unique and authentic products.

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