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Handmade Beaded Bubble Bracelets

Welcome to our collection of handmade beaded bracelets made by various Baltic artists and jewelers!

Handmade beaded bubble bracelets have become one of the key jewelry pieces nowadays. And to our surprise both genders favor them, women and men.

Handmade Beaded Bubble Bracelets for Sale

The symbolism behind a type of bracelet could be any at all. For some people it’s a bond of friendship. In such case two people interchange friendship bracelets. Others wear one for “good luck”, which also known as charm bracelets. In our beautiful handmade beaded bracelets collection, you will find authentic, unique and handmade ceramic bracelets that could perfectly describe your current mood and personality type. Or it simply can match your outfit. Various colors usually represent different things. To name a few, turquoise color stands for energy, emotion and balance. Blue represents confidence, loyalty and trust. Green embodies growth, optimism and nature. Pink encourages love and relaxation. Purple reduces stress and calms your spirit, shows your creativity. As we already know, each person embodies at least a few of these traits. Therefore, none of our bracelets are single-colored. You can browse and choose a bracelet that will best describe your individuality and uniqueness, and rest assured that no one else will be same as you!

Our handmade beaded bracelets are truly unique and authentic. Every single bubble is handcrafted and fired in 1,300 degrees’ Celsius furnace. After the first firing, each bubble is painted and decorated separately to ensure absolute exclusivity and individuality. Various different decoration techniques are applied during this stage of production during which multiple paints and clay are used to obtain unique colors. Authors decide which decoration approach is to be applied depending on their current state of mood. After the second firing, which provides the firmness and the final shape of each bubble, the decorations are highlighted and some of the bubbles are even gilded with a bit of real gold. At the end of the process, each bubble ends up receiving so much love and energy from the artists and natural firewood-driven furnace that the bracelets themselves become the true source of positivism and encouragement. Our handmade beaded bracelets incorporate more various shapes than just bubbles. Although, bubbles are the staple shape of our bracelets, you will find multiple marshmallow and small square-like components that will make your bracelet more distinguishable and unique. The combinations of colors are universal, making it simple to match your bracelet to various outfits you are ought to wear.

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