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Tuscany Leather

If you have ever been interested in leather products, you should have come across Tuscany Leather (further – TL)at some point in your life. It’s an Italy-based leather producer with outstanding manufacturing traditions and expertise within the leather bag division. Owned by Rosso Toscana, TL is widely known for amazing quality leather bags at competitive prices. They are not the cheapest, but after all, nothing good is ever cheap. So why settle with something cheap?

We are loyal and trusted partners of TL owning full rights to offer our clients their products. The list includes purses, handbags, backpacks, briefcases, duffle bags and much more.

Some of the products are shipped from our warehouses. However, majority of the bags are shipped directly from TL warehouses for the best user experience and shortest delivery times.

Story of Tuscany Leather

It all began with the ambition to offer Italian leather masterpieces to the global market. The focus has always been on very high quality products, made from the best materials and expressed in the form of beauty by design geniuses. This ambition was set in motion by the entrepreneurial activity of Altavilla family - experts in marketing and distribution technologies. The combined expertise with the passion for handcrafted products allowed them to put Tuscany Leather on the map of the world.

Over the years, TL business activity has been honored with several awards, including the prize "OK ITALIA 2011" established by Unicredit, the most important award for small and medium-sized Italian companies. The ethical values have always allowed Tuscany Leather to stand out from its competition. All thanks to constant improvement of the product quality and enhancement of the overall customer satisfaction, which made the company a well-known power house of leather products across the globe.