New Version of Baltic Domini Is Finally Launched

New Baltic Domini Is Finally Launched

The New Baltic Domini

We are super excited to finally launch our new, awesome and the only e-store! The New Baltic Domini. After one month of development, designing, testing and photo retaking we are up and running. The New version of our website is finally launched and is available at >>><<<

Our ultimate goal remains the same: to provide You, our most valuable customer, with a fun and smooth experience to shop online. After running the old version of our website for just over two months, we took notes, criticism and suggestions into account and made changes in accordance to them.

We believe that our old pictures and website design did not unveil the real beauty of our products. In today’s world, where e-commerce reaches the new highs every year, it becomes hard to distinguish what is real and what is fake. Anecdotal examples about people’s experiences purchasing products online from China made us raise a question: “Why and how people keep on buying stuff online from China?”. Well, it became clear to us:


They presented their products with intent to make them look much better than they really are. And in addition, they are able to price their products at extremely low prices.

Although we made some changes to our photos, we stick to our old point of view. It’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality. We have no intention in selling our products in masses, because we do not make them in masses. Our products are unique, authentic and handmade by highly skilled, known and well-established artists and jewelers from the Baltics. Our products are not very cheap and certainly will not be liked by the large grey mass. Such people can stick to cheap rip-offs from the far East. However, if you want something different, rare, beautiful and artsy, then proceed forward and enjoy browsing.

In this website you will find awesome and beautiful collections of handmade ceramic earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches and bracelets. There is only one and only of each product, so HURRY!

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Baltic Domini

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