DIY Beaded Earrings (Top Advice, Tips And Suggestions)

DIY Beaded Earrings

Are you the type of individual that likes to work with your hands? Do you absolutely love the world of fashion? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you should consider taking part in DIY beaded earrings projects. Such projects will certainly allow you to use your creativity. Just remember that there is an art to jewelry making. You might not succeed at first. Nevertheless, the project will be a great learning experience. And did I mention immensely fun? With a little practice and patience, you’ll get better. Below, you’ll find tips and suggestions for empowering you to create amazing DIY beaded earrings. Before you start, however, check out How To Make Jewelry in order to expand your knowledge right from the start.

Items You’ll Probably Need

You will have to purchase required supplies in order to begin with your DIY beaded earrings project. The good news is that you will not need a whole bunch of supplies. More importantly, the mass majority of items used in DIY beaded earrings production are readily available and affordable. This ensures that you’ll have fun, without breaking a bank. First and foremost, you’ll need craft wire. It is best to opt for 18 to 20-gauge wire. You’ll also need a pair of craft pliers and a rounded object. A pen will work well. Finally, you’ll need to acquire the beads. DIY Beaded Earrings

When it comes to the beads that you prefer, your options are plentiful. Obtain a bunch of different sizes and colors to ensure you are able to create a totally unique earrings that will impress everyone. Our handmade ceramic earrings collection could guide you off to the right direction.

Preparing The Wire

The wire is truly the heart and soul of the earring. It is responsible for holding the gem and it will attach the earring to your ear. It is pertinent to make sure that you cut the wire to the appropriate length. If you make it too short, you may need to start over. In general, you should start by cutting the wire approximately 30 cm in length. Cutting it a little bit longer is a good idea, since this will leave a little room for error.

Of course, you may want an even longer wire, if you wish to add more gems to the earring. It is in your best interest to start with a longer wire since you can always just cut more off in the end. It is impossible to add more wire, so always start with more than you actually need. After the wire has been cut to the desired size, you can thread the bead or beads into place.

Tips For Wrapping The Wire

To ensure that the gem remains in place, you’ll need to wrap the wire around it a few times. This can be a little trickier than you might imagine. Remember that the wire will remain visible at all times. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that it looks good, while also serving its purpose. The wire should be wrapped from both sides. It also should be wrapped evenly. Once you’ve finished, you should have 2 cm of wire left on one side and 4cm left on the other. The short side will be used to wrap around the rest of the wire and lock everything in place. DIY Beaded Earrings

The long side will be used for the ear loop.

Making The Hoop

When you’ve finished securing everything in place, you’ll want to make the hoop. This is fairly easy. Just take the rounded object and use it to bend the earring at the correct angle. After you fix it, you’ll want to give it a try. Make adjustments until the earring fits into your ear perfectly. Making handmade jewelry is a little more difficult than you could ever imagine. This is why a lot of people prefer purchasing it. There is undeniably something special about handmade jewelry and it has a lot to do with the love and passion the artist will put into each and every piece.

Things Customers Will Look For

When customers shop for earrings, they will ask themselves many different questions. It will be up to you to develop and design cool and high quality DIY beaded earrings. They will have to be suitable for people from all walks of life.

  • Crafted With Quality – it is imperative that your earrings be of high quality. The earrings should be fairly thin. Also, they should easily glide through the piercing hole without causing any discomfort.
  • Hypoallergenic Or Not – earrings that you craft could and should be constructed of hypoallergenic materials. Conforming to all international standards is always a smart move. 14 karat gold is always a great option, but contains nickel. If you are allergic to nickel, you are going to have to seek out medical grade titanium, for example. Check out Earrings For Sensitive Ears to get acquainted with non-allergic and safe materials. 
  • Check Packaging – customers want to see any earrings and the packaging before deciding. Every earring should be encapsulated in a vacuum tight package, which prevents bacteria and other germs from building up on the earring.

Ear Cuff Design

The ear cuff design is growing in popularity, because it provides a bit of sexiness and uniqueness. While the design has been long forgotten, it is making a huge comeback. The ear cuff is not going to be the easiest DIY beaded earrings project you will undertake, the results will definitely be worth it. If you choose a creative design, customers will snatch them up in no time Most people are looking for earrings that are unique and compliment their style. Therefore if you can pull this off you could well end up with a decent profit.

Dangling Tassel Earrings

DIY Beaded EarringsAnother very popular design is the dangling tassel earrings. These earrings are suitable for casual, professional and dress attire. You can actually wear them every day of the week and still look stunning. When you are creating these as a DIY project, you will find them extremely easy to make. In fact, you could make several pairs in under an hour once you become familiar with the process. Your customers will absolutely love them, because they will complement their style in more ways than one.

DIY Beaded Earrings

…are great gifts which allow you to share your passion. Making DIY beaded earrings is an amazing way to eliminate stress. It’s fun while your mind remains pre-occupied. If you can manage to earn an extra income on the side, the why not do it? Either way, having a habit that encourages creativity can only prolong your beautiful life.

It does not have to be earring making by all means. If you feel that your level of crafting is improving faster than you expected, expand the product line. You can as well start making DIY Beaded Bracelets. Check out our handmade beaded bracelets collection for inspiration. Earrings and bracelets can make a deadly combination. They will always make an awesome gift as women can’t have enough of them!

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