How Do They Make Leather [The Truth Behind Leather Making]

How Do They Make Leather

Although the finished product looks smooth and effortlessly put together, it actually takes time and expert precision to make leather items. Leather craftsmen use a complicated technical process that has to be followed to the tee. Otherwise, the leather items won’t come out looking the same. At the beginning of the process is a piece […]

How to Punch a Hole in a Belt [Simple-To-Follow Steps]

How to Punch a Hole in a Belt

Ever come from a shopping spree to find that one of your new leather belts just isn’t fitting properly? Or maybe you’ve just lost some weight and now your old belt is feeling a little loose. Whatever the dilemma is, we’re here to help you customize your belt with a new hole without damaging it. […]

How Long Does Bonded Leather Last

How Long Does Bonded Leather Last

While bonded leather is a widely used material in making furniture goods, clothes and accessories, not many people actually know what it is or what sets it apart from genuine leather. That’s why we’ve put together a little guide to help you learn more about bonded leather and understand how to take care of it. […]