Who are we?

We are a family-owned small business located in Lithuania – a country recently added to the list of the Northern European countries. The largest of the three small Baltic states, Lithuania brings a large variety of highly skilled, known and well-established artists, jewelers and sewers. Our goal is to offer our beautiful local production made by Lithuanian creators. However, we also work with Lithuanian companies who offer a wider range of products. We offer exclusive and authentic creations of real people and companies that will last, adorn you and become a part of your life story.


Handmade Jewelry

We offer unique, authentic and handmade jewelry pieces made by various Baltic artists. Speaking of jewelry, there are no two same products. Every single piece, whether it’s a pendant, necklace or a bracelet, is different. Even each earring in a set has it’s unique pattern, writing or a symbol. Our staple products are bubble pendants. These unique, authentic and handmade ceramic pendants are absolutely lovely. You can wear one alone, or if you have a necklace that you absolutely adore, you can ask any local jeweler to attach one of our pendants to your necklace to get the best of both. Similar, but a bit smaller bubbles are the foundation for our beautiful handmade ceramic necklaces as well.

Of course, we do not limit ourselves to pendants and necklaces. We have truly beautiful handmade beaded bracelets, ceramic earrings and brooches. The first two are simply our staple products. However, we take pride and joy in producing all of our products the same. The whole uniqueness of our products come form the fact that they are handmade and meant to be different from each other. Therefore, every time you put it on, you can be assured that you will not bump into someone with the same exact jewelry piece. Even if they also purchased it from us. Wearing our products will make you feel truly distinguishable.

Genuine Leather Bags

On the other hand, our leather bags are just something else. They are for the true gentlemen. We are speaking of the ones who, although embraced the changes brought upon them by technological advancements, but who have not forgotten what the true style really is. We are talking about people who still socialize other than by social media, who care about their image and who know that you can’t beat classic.

Back in the day, all manufactured things were meant to last a lifetime. Cars did not break down as much, shoes did not rip easily, and bags were a true lifetime companion. With this in mind, we bring our beautiful, durable and genuine leather bags to you for your biggest pleasure. Let it last you a lifetime; let it tell the story of your life to others. It is resistant to time, because classic is always in fashion.

When Did We Open?

Our business opened in mid-February of 2017. The idea was born during Christmas holiday. They say Christmas is a magical time. We believe that every individual should have something truly unique to be identified by. Therefore, a piece of jewelry or an awesome leather bag that is beautiful, trendy and the only one of it’s kind can be no better. We are exclusively online, however we will soon bring our production to Avignon, France. So stay tuned, subscribe and be the first one to hear all about us.

Baltic Domini