Who are we?

We are an international Nord-Baltic capital company operating in France and Lithuania, but delivering our products across the globe. We are specializing in the production and sale of French designed and Italian made leather bags. With warehouses situated in earlier mentioned France and Lithuania, it allows us to reach our European, US, Canadian and any other customers across the world quickly and easily.

Our goal is to offer genuine leather leather bags that are truly stylish, durable and comfortable at great prices. The largest majority of our bags are kept in Lithuanian warehouses due to competitive warehousing and shipping costs. It allows us to maintain lower prices and make them more affordable and accessible to people across the globe. After all, everyone has a right to a classic look.

Genuine Leather Bags

Our leather bags are just something else. They are for the true gentlemen and the ladies. We are speaking of the ones who, although embraced the changes brought upon them by technological advancements, but who have not forgotten what the true style really is. We are talking about people who still socialize other than by social media, who care about their image and who know that you can’t beat classic.

Back in the day, all manufactured things were meant to last a lifetime. Cars did not break down as much, shoes did not rip easily, and bags were a true lifetime companion. With this in mind, we bring our beautiful, durable and genuine leather bags to you for your biggest pleasure. Let it last you a lifetime; let it tell the story of your life to others. It is resistant to time, because classic is always in fashion.

To make the bags last a lifetime while maintaining this pure and classic look, we exclusively use full grain calf skin leather. It is the top notch material for a top notch product. The colors are extracted by a handmade vegetable tanning method. We use only pure and natural dyes that contain ZERO harmful ingredients. This tanning method allows us to keep the natural look and earthy smell of our final products.

When Did We Open?

Our business opened in mid-February of 2017. We believe that every individual should have something truly unique to be identified by. Therefore, an awesome leather bag that is beautiful, trendy and durable will make a wonderful addition to your overall appearance. Also, it can be a great gift.

We are exclusively based online.

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