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What Are Side Bags Called ?

What Are Side Bags Called

We all know that there‚Äôs a wide variety of different style bags for women out there. These days, however, there are also multiple types of bags for men. Modern men all over the globe are sporting different bags in accordance to their personal taste, style, and of course, personality. Just take a look outside, and […]

The Difference Between Top Grain and Full Grain Leather

The Difference Between Top Grain and Full Grain Leather

The feeling of real, good quality leather under your fingertips is one of the great luxuries most people can afford these days. That is because real quality leather can be used for a variety of different purposes, whether it is on leather sofas, handbags, wallets, boots, or a whole host of other fine leather goods. […]

What does bonded leather mean?

What does bonded leather mean

Bonded leather is a term that often confuses customers. Products made from it are usually quite cheap, and most people consider them a bargain. After all, it is real leather. Yet, it offers little quality, and most users regret their purchases because they have to replace them time and time again. So let’s cover the […]

What is full grain leather?

What is full grain leather

The most exquisite and the most expensive leather accessories are made from full grain leather. This is the premium kind of leather most of us are after. Or at least should be after. It offers maximum durability, and, as the time goes by, it ages beautifully. However, finding full grain leather goods is sometimes quite […]